In Lafayette Hill, Pa. working on copying of opera, 1972

At 13 years of age

In front of home in Norristown, Pa. 1974

With Sol Schoenbach,
bassoonist during army days
Poe House, 1980

Conducting army band

Cooking pasta at 2am after premier of William Penn, 1982

With Tom DiNardo after opera choruses performances , 1974

With Dolores Ferraro, recital, Ursinus University

In front of opera poster, Academy of Music, 1982

With Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thornburg and wife 1982, in recognition for writing William Penn

John Cheek, bass and Dolores Ferraro, soprano, premier of William Penn, 1982

saumur, France Dedication of square to William Penn, playing the Treaty, 2011

With Frank Leone after premier of William Penn, 1982

Romeo Cascarino
at 4 years of age 1926